This picture highlights the process of sealing the exterior seams to prevent air infiltration. This process helps to keep the home energy efficient, leading to lower heating costs in the Winter and lower cooling costs in the Summer.

Here's an example of the organized and clean installation of Pex hot water and cold water lines in the base cabinets, finished with pipe covers.

For ease in setup, electrical crossovers are at one end of the home. OSB supports are installed for transportation purposes to ensure a quality delivery.

There are many reasons to choose a factory built home:

Controlled Environment:   At the manufacturing facility the construction process happens completely indoors.  This means that your home will not be exposed to the harmful effects of rain or inclement weather during the building process, as are site built homes.  Warping and moisture damage is eliminated with the indoor construction process.

QualityEvery Fairmont and Harmony home meets or exceeds the code requirements that are set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  They are routinely inspected as to insure a quality product.  The production line allows for easy access for the inspection process, so inspectors can see every step of the process up close.

AffordabilityWasted materials are minimized during factory construction and materials are bought in large quantities, which combined, allows the manufacturers to offer lower prices.

Time:  Building time varies, but typically it takes about 3 weeks from the date the order is placed to the date the home is ready to be delivered.  Site built homes can take several months to complete.